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If we were honest we would all admit that we make judgement based on how people keep their bathrooms. It might be considered strange that a room that we probably spend the least time in can be a real deal breaker when a prospective tenant is deciding whether to rent or not, but it is. At Lint Group we are very well aware of just how much of an impact or how off-putting a bathroom can be.

When a prospective tenant, on a house tour, sees a stylish clean bathroom, it will score the property high in desirability. It will reassure them that the property is cared for and that they will enjoy living there.

“But why would I spend loads of money on renovating for a tenant?” Well the answer is simple, It does not have to cost a fortune. A relaxed and attractive space can be created without spending a huge amount.

Here are six top tips on how you can give your bathroom a facelift without breaking the bank:

1. Upcycle what is already there

Nothing gives the age of a bathroom away more than its style and colour. However, if you are selling or letting your property and really don’t want to re-do the whole thing, you can use specialised products to paint and spray ceramic-ware to give an updated look.

2. Tap into new taps

Shiny new taps will give your bathroom a new sparkle and replacing parts of existing furniture is an inexpensive way of making old items look brand new

3. Fake and floor it

Tile effect flooring is a great and affordable alternative to stone floor tiles giving the same smart and sumptuous look for a much more affordable price.

4. Breath life back into materials

Going for second hand fixtures for your bathroom can be a great and affordable way to breath new life into the smallest room, but be selective. Try reclaimed shelf units to give the bathroom some personality.

5. Tiling titillation

Jazzing up bathroom tiles does not have to mean ripping them off and replacing them. Look at buying tile boards that look like individual applied tiles. They fit on top of the existing tiles with a special adhesive with sealant ensuring that water does not seep through to the original tiles. At a fraction of the cost of new tiles.

6. Try a little theming

Get creative and use bathroom accessories to bring it all together. Matching pictures on the wall will give the bathroom a luxurious and inviting look and won’t cost a fortune to achieve.

There is no doubt that the bathrooms can be an important factor in convincing a tenant that they are getting value for money. At Lint Group we have seen it happen time and again. Use our tips to get your bathroom viewing ready and secure the kind of tenants who appreciate nice things and will look after the property.