Do you have a empty property?
We can help you generate Guaranteed income for 1 to 5 years.


Since 1992, Lint Group have been one of the first pioneers of guaranteed rent in the property sector, with over 25 years of paying Guaranteed Rent. Our team of rental specialists working with thousands of landlord’s and managing properties across London and nationwide are ready to discuss how we can help you generate guaranteed revenue from your empty property.

We offer :

-Guaranteed monthly Rent paid during any void periods

-New properties are being signed up within 7 days even during lockdown 

-1-5 Year flexible Guaranteed Rent contracts

-Reliable General maintenance and repairs

-Monthly rent statements by post or email

-Quarterly property inspections

-Free rental evaluation 

-Legal expenses and eviction costs covered 

-No management fee or commission

-24 hour Emergency Call out Service for urgent repairs

-Inventory and management services

-Furnished or unfurnished properties accepted

-Free gas and electrics safety inspections

Why not become one of the growing number of Landlords with Lint Group that have never missed collecting rent on a due date.

Contact our team now on 020 8554 9999   


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