Environmental Initiatives whilst Working from Home

At Lint Group, we are aiming to build our business on responsible practices and focus our operations on ways to improve the environment. During these uncertain times and the decision to increase remote working, we’d like to take a look a composting as a positive step forward for the whole household to be involved in whilst we are all at home.

The process of composting is hugely beneficial to the environment, not only because it reduces the amount of food and garden waste thrown away, which in turn reduces the amount of methane greenhouse gas, but it’s also a crucial part of the nitrogen cycle. It’s very easy to begin composting at home and you don’t need to invest in a lot of fancy equipment either.

Make sure to add lots of nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich materials like grass-cuttings, green waste, food waste, and sawdust and wood chips, and to mix it regularly with a spade to let the air in. Avoid adding any meat or dairy to the pile as this just attracts pests. 

Composting is not only a good for the environment but encourages you to get outdoors and keep busy in the garden whilst stuck at home for the next few weeks.

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